Man confesses to murder her committed 15 years ago out of guilt

More than a decade after he went missing, William “Bill” Blodgett finally has justice. The landlord had disappeared in December 2008 with no clear answer as to why and no suspect ever arrested.

That all changed in May when Tony Peralta, Blodgett’s tenant at the time of his disappearance, took a dramatic turn and contacted authorities. Peralta confessed to Blodgett’s murder and, after the Roswell Police Department released the body camera footage, the world saw the emotion and regret in his confession.

Peralta told police he had killed Blodgett with a screwdriver before burying his body in the backyard of the home. He also expressed remorse, saying Blodgett had been good to him and he had taken his life for no reason. After he revealed these details, he was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

His attorney entered a not guilty plea, a formality, on his behalf and Peralta is expected to appear in court on August 21 for a status conference hearing.

Though many questions still remain, this case and justice that has been long-awaited. Despite more than a decade of unanswered questions and uncertainty, Tony Peralta’s confession gives some closure to William Blodgett’s family and hopeful answers for the not-forgotten case.