Shooting breaks out in grocery store parking lot

ST. PAUL, MN – A supermarket parking lot shootout in St. Paul has resulted in charges against two individuals. The gunfire left a teenage girl injured and caused panic among shoppers. The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office confirmed that 19-year-old Marquan Husten-Myles from St. Paul faces three felony counts in relation to the incident.

A 17-year-old boy, also a St. Paul resident, has been charged as a juvenile with three felony counts, including second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

As documented in the criminal complaint, police were sent to respond to a shooting at a Cub Foods located at 1177 Clarence St. Multiple men were reportedly involved in the exchange of gunfire in the parking lot. By the time the police arrived, those involved had already fled in different vehicles.

Investigation at the scene revealed distinct bullet casings from three separate firearms. Two cars in the vicinity bore damage from bullets, while a window of the store was also damaged.

Shoppers, some of whom were elderly, were present in the parking lot during the incident, as per the surveillance footage. A 16-year-old girl sustained a grazing bullet wound and later sought medical attention.

The incident started when Husten-Myles and the 17-year-old left the store and approached a Kia Optima they had parked in the fire lane. An unidentified man began shooting at both individuals, inducing a violent response. The two teenagers returned fire and then fled the scene in their vehicle, which had two fresh bullet holes.

The vehicle was later found parked at an apartment building on the 500 block of Minnehaha Avenue, where Husten-Myles and the younger male were subsequently taken into custody.

While the 17-year-old denied any knowledge of the shooting, Husten-Myles admitted to being targeted. He linked the attack to a 2019 homicide case in St. Paul. Subsequent police searches in Husten-Myles’ apartment led to the discovery of two firearms, including one unregistered Polymer 80 gun.

Husten-Myles was reportedly on conditional release at the time of the shootout, with an ongoing trial for charges including possession of a firearm and ammunition, motor vehicle theft, and fleeing police.