Shooting at Sonic Drive-In kills teen

MEMPHIS, TN – A 55-year-old man is now behind bars on first-degree murder charges, along with attempted murder. He was arrested after allegedly shooting a teen suspected of burglarizing a car in Memphis, according to local law enforcement.

The suspect, Timothy Moore, is also facing separate charges for firearms-related offenses. These include having a firearm despite his history as a convicted felon and utilizing a firearm as an intent to commit a deadly crime.

The horrifying episode unfolded on November 3, when Memphis Police officers responded to a shooting incident at a Sonic Drive-In on the 4100 block of Kirby Parkway, located in close proximity to Kirby High School. When they arrived, law enforcement found a 17-year-old boy with a severe gunshot wound to the chest.

Following immediate hospitalization at Regional One, the teen succumbed to his injuries, according to court records. Another man on the scene reported to investigators how a man in a red SUV had arrived at the scene, abruptly exited the vehicle, and fired a shot into the teenager. As the unidentified witness fled the scene, the gunman reportedly fired a second round in his direction.

Video surveillance helped police recognize a Ford Edge, which was seen speeding away from the scene, from where investigators linked Moore to the crime. Traffic cameras helped identify the vehicle’s route to a man who informed officers that he drove Moore to the Sonic Drive-In’s location for a confrontation with the teen for allegedly ransacking a car belonging to an acquaintance of Moore’s.

The driver identified Moore through a police photo lineup, further solidifying his connection to the crime. Authorities interviewed a separate woman about a car theft reported on the same day, which substantiated the witnesses’ reports.

Law enforcement records revealed Moore’s criminal past, with a conviction for attempted first-degree murder and especially aggravated robbery dating back to February 18, 2004. For these crimes, Moore was sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment. Bond information for Moore is currently unavailable.