Woman shot dead during argument about parking spot

PHOENIX, AZ – In a tragic incident in Central Phoenix, a dispute over car parking escalated into a fatal shooting of a 26-year-old woman last week. The suspect has been identified as 34-year-old Gary Parchinog. He was reportedly angered by a car in the driveway that was blocking his vehicle.

The fatal gunfire unfolded around 9 p.m. Thursday at an apartment complex on 13th Avenue and Mohave Street, just north of Interstate 17, where police responded to emergency reports of a shooting. The victim, Edith Rivas, was promptly hospitalized in critical condition but unfortunately succumbed to her injuries later.

Court documents reveal from witnesses’ accounts that Parchinog was furious over a car parked in the driveway, preventing his own vehicle from moving. Consequently, a dispute erupted between the two over moving the parked vehicle.

Eyewitnesses say Parchinog was spotted pulling a small handgun from his waistband during the argument, and Rivas was then shot in the left shoulder. As Parchinog attempted to shoot Rivas again with a different handgun, it jammed, provoking Rivas to shout out for someone to alert the police.

Parchinog allegedly left the scene with a companion, allowing Rivas’ roommate to lock the door and attempt to contact law enforcement. However, Parchinog reportedly returned, forced his way in by kicking the door in, snatched the phone out of her hands and shattered it. He is reported to have subsequently shot Rivas for the second time, targeting her chest before leaving prior to police arrival.

Phoenix police later apprehended Parchinog, and during an investigation interview, he confessed to shooting Rivas twice, and even in the presence of children. His motive was described as a “long-standing feeling of despise towards the victim.”

Parchinog is currently held in jail on first-degree murder charges and three counts of endangerment. According to the police, he should not have been carrying firearms, given his recent release from prison.