Series of school bomb threats made by 12-year-old boy

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD – A series of bomb threats that shook Montgomery County schools have been traced back to a 12-year-old. The minor, who was cognizant of their legal immunity due to their age, confessed to the threats, local authorities have confirmed.

The threats, sent via email, targeted Richard Montgomery High School on October 13, 16, and 23. Oak View Elementary School also received a threat on October 15. Detectives managed to identify and converse with the 12-year-old, who accepted responsibility for the threats.

In Maryland, the law stipulates that only those offenses classified as a “crime of violence” can be charged against children under the age of 13. This legal caveat was known to the minor, raising concerns for local law enforcement.

Expressing his dismay, Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones stated that it was disheartening to know that the individual causing disruption and fear in the community had full awareness of the legal shield provided by their age. He further noted that the minor was aware they would escape charges under the existing Maryland laws.

Chief Jones also shed light on the repercussions of the bomb threats on the community and the police department. The threats not only instilled fear and chaos but also placed a financial strain on the police department. The necessity to deploy officers and K-9 units to probe these threats diverted resources from other urgent calls for service, a situation Jones deemed unacceptable and a threat to community safety.