Bank robbed for $6.1 million in cash

SAN JOSE, CR – A recent revelation has shaken the foundations of Costa Rica’s financial landscape. The national pride, Banco Nacional, witnessed the theft of a staggering 3.3 billion colons ($6.1 million), making headlines as the grandest bank robbery in the nation’s chronicles.

While the absence of such an enormous amount was observed only three weeks ago, it’s believed that the culprits might have made their move as early as August. Jaime Murillo, who holds the temporary reins of Banco Nacional, shed light on this during a press briefing.

Five members of the bank’s team, each from the currency operations division, now find themselves in the eye of the storm. All have been temporarily relieved of their duties with full compensation. Interestingly, none have been taken into custody so far.

The bank initially embarked on a discreet internal inquiry. Yet, when word of the theft reached media channels, the matter escalated to national prosecutors, prompting a more extensive investigation.

The modus operandi of this audacious act remains shrouded in mystery, raising questions about the security protocols of such a major banking entity.