19-year-old killed in shootout with police

UNION CITY, IN – In a sorrowful twist of events in Union City, Brayden Barnhouse, a 19-year-old resident, lost his life in a confrontation with the local sheriff’s deputies. Originally dispatched in response to a drug overdose involving Barnhouse, the situation quickly spiraled.

Upon their arrival, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Deputies were told by family members that Brayden, despite the overdose report, had departed the home. A short search ensued, and Barnhouse was soon found close to an intersection in New Pittsburg. The encounter took a dire turn when Barnhouse drew a handgun, directing shots at the officers. This prompted two deputies to respond with gunfire. One deputy suffered minor injuries, treated immediately on-site.

In line with typical protocols in such sensitive situations, the deputies involved have been temporarily relieved of their duties, awaiting the findings of a thorough investigation by state authorities. This incident has left the community in shock and sorrow, pondering the chain of events that led to such a devastating outcome.