Parole denied for creepy shoe fetish killer

Christopher Farrow, a convicted killer who indulged in his shoe fetish to orchestrate a heinous murder, has had his plea for parole denied. The Board declared that Farrow must first address his need for treatment before transitioning back into society.

In 1994, 51-year-old Wendy Speakes tragically fell victim to Farrow’s disturbing crime. Speakes bound her up with a pair of stockings and forced her to wear blue mule shoes. He then sexually assaulted and brutally murdered her.

Speakes’ murder ignited a six-year-long manhunt to arrest Farrow. Eventually, breakthroughs in fingerprint technology matched Farrow to the scene of the crime.

Farrow was sentenced to life imprisonment in November 2000, with an eligibility for parole only after 18 years. However, his parole applications have been unsuccessful.

The Parole Board recently announced the rejection of Farrow’s parole, along with his request to be relocated to an open prison. There have also been delays in Farrow’s hearings and a deep examination of his prison records.

Farrow’s history of criminal activities and his unhealthy attitudes towards women underscore his risk factors. He has taken part in programs to address his sexual offenses during his time in prison.

However, the panel was not convinced that Farrow’s progress in custody was enough for him to be released or transferred.

Tracey Speakes, the victim’s daughter, has voiced her fears about Farrow’s potential release. She firmly believes that Farrow is still a threat to women and will reoffend if he’s freed. She has called attention to his lack of remorse and fears the potential repercussions if he returns to his former local areas of Leeds and Wakefield.

The parole hearings process, she argued, unfairly favors the offender.

As of now, Farrow remains in custody, having served five additional years beyond his minimum term. His next parole application can be submitted in 2025.