Parents Charged With Murder Of Teen Son They Killed And Hide Inside A Wall

On March 2nd, a horrific discovery was made involving a 16-year-old boy from Kingman, Arizona. What police uncovered behind a stone wall was a heartbreaking tragedy that serves as a reminder of the importance of reporting any signs of child abuse or neglect.

Information obtained from the Arizona Department of Child Safety revealed that the parents, Jon Imes and Amber-Leah Valentine, both 41, had reported their son missing two days prior, claiming he had run away from their home.

John and Amber-Leah were soon arrested and charged with felony abandonment and concealment of a dead body.

During questioning by authorities, Amber-Leah and Jon admitted they had lied when they initially reported their son missing. They confessed that the boy had already passed away when they initially reported him missing and Jon had gotten rid of the body. An autopsy is being conducted to figure out the cause of death.

This brutal case is one that will leave an imprint on the community long after it’s closed. It serves as an essential reminder to take any reports of abuse or neglect seriously and to always be honest with the proper authorities.