Multiple injuries after car smashes into restaurant

A car crashed into a busy restaurant in Laconia, New Hampshire, injuring over a dozen patrons. The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon when a vehicle collided with the Looney Bin Bar & Grill, trapping one man inside the bathroom. The restaurant owner, Michelle Watson, praised the community for their quick response in helping those affected.

The Looney Bin Bar & Grill was struck by a car on Sunday afternoon, causing significant damage to the building and injuring numerous patrons. The incident happened around 12:40 p.m. when a vehicle crashed into the restaurant, pinning one man inside the bathroom. Michelle Watson expressed gratitude for the immediate assistance provided by the community, as everyone came together to ensure the safety of those affected.

The accident involved three vehicles, according to Police Chief Matt Canfield. One car was making a left turn out of a parking lot across the street, while another was in the center lane. Unfortunately, the driver making the turn failed to see an oncoming vehicle, resulting in a collision that sent the third car crashing into the Looney Bin Bar & Grill. The impact caused significant damage to the building and resulted in injuries to several patrons.

Emergency responders quickly arrived at the scene and transported 14 individuals to nearby hospitals for treatment. The injuries sustained were reported to be non-life-threatening, including significant lower leg injuries, cuts, and bruises. Additionally, 20 people were evaluated by emergency personnel at the scene but did not require hospitalization. Fire Capt. Chad Vaillancourt of the Laconia Fire Department highlighted the high number of people present in the restaurant due to the lunchtime rush and the holiday weekend.

The Looney Bin Bar & Grill, located on Highway 3 north of Concord, suffered significant damage as a result of the crash. Michelle Watson expressed uncertainty about when the restaurant would be able to reopen but assured the community that they would bounce back from this unfortunate incident.