Man taken down by SWAT after killing mother and three kids

Tragedy has struck the town of Lake Wales in Central Florida, where a mother and her three children were tragically found deceased with gunshot wounds in an apparent incident of family violence. They have been identified as a 21-year-old son and daughters, ages 17 and 11, with their names yet to be released to the public.

Al Stenson, 38, has been accused as the suspect, with four counts of first-degree murder brought against him.

Law enforcement were able to track Mr. Stenson down to the Slumberland Motel in Sanford the following day, where his brother was a guest. Officers managed to contact him via his cell phone and attempted to persuade him to cooperate. However, during the process, Mr. Stenson made statements saying that either he would take his own life, or force law enforcement to kill him.

Consequently, following the determined efforts of the officers on the scene, they succeeded in convincing Mr. Stenson to surrender. He was proceeded to reach for a weapon located on the ground, prompting a specialized member from the Sanford Police Department to respond by opening fire.

This incident is still under investigation, as a possible driving force for the event has yet to be revealed. Neighbors claim that Stenson was the father to the children, though their exact relationship is still uncertain.