Three masked teens rush school bus with gun and attempt to kill 14-year-old student

In a truly terrifying incident, three masked teenagers attempted to murder a fourteen-year-old on board a school bus in Maryland on Monday afternoon.

Martin Diggs, the head of the bus drivers’ union in Prince George’s County described it as an attempted murder, and the victim’s mother expressed her outrage at the suspects, calling them cowards.

An investigation revealed that it had been an extremely close call: one of the teenagers had pointed the gun at the victim’s head and pulled the trigger three times, but the gun had not fired. When it misfired, they began to physically attack the victim.

Two adults, a bus driver and a bus aide, were present when the incident unfolded, and the driver believed that he too was in danger. Although the victim suffered minor injuries, all involved were left shaken. The suspects fled the vehicle, and the Prince George’s County Police Department has since released photographs and a press release about the incident.

It took investigators several days to process the release of vital information about the crime. According to the press release, the suspects had boarded the bus and started to physically attack the victim, when one of them had produced a handgun and tried to shoot the student multiple times. Detectives believe the weapon had malfunctioned, thus saving the student’s life.

Currently, a cash reward is being offered for information leading to the capture of the suspects, who are still on the run and have not been identified.