Two children, ages 9 and 12, fatally struck by oncoming train

In a heartbreaking incident, two children, Jahaad Atkinson, 9, and Ahyir Womack, 12, lost their lives to a train in Chester, Pennsylvania. They were hit by an oncoming train around 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. The southbound train, heading to Washington D.C., came to a halt several blocks later at Highland Avenue.

A local resident, Tracey, recounted seeing a group of children on the train tracks shortly before the accident. She tried to persuade them to leave the tracks, but they did not heed her warning. Tracey expressed her sorrow and regret that the children did not listen to her.

The late children were connected to Chester Community Charter School, where Atkinson was a second-grade student, and Womack was a former student who had transitioned to homeschooling. School CEO David Clark said that the two were well-behaved and well-liked by their peers, teachers, and the school’s administration. The tragic event has deeply impacted the entire school community, as both children had siblings, cousins, and friends at the school.

According to Clark, there were other children on the tracks who managed to avoid the train. He expressed his grief over the incident, saying that in his 35 years in education, this was the most devastating event he had experienced.

In response to the tragedy, Chester Charter School is working with the district to provide safer spaces and activities for students outside of school. Clark emphasized the importance of learning from this incident and finding ways to better support and protect the children in the community.

The school is currently raising funds to help the victims’ families cover funeral expenses and other costs.