Man Attempted To Assassinate The Vice President Of Argentina

A man pointed a gun at Cristina Fernández de Kirchner as she walked by a crowd of people, but the weapon did not fire, and Fernández de Kirchner flinched backward, unharmed.

The man, who is a Brazilian national, was subdued by others around him until his arrest. The weapon he had was loaded and, for some reason, did not fire.

Fernández de Kirchner is among Argentina’s most prominent political figures, having served as President from 2007 to 2015 and taking office as vice president in 2019.

Her supporters have been holding rallies outside her home for several days. She and a group of other political elites are facing long stemming corruption charges in the country.

Earlier in August, a federal prosecutor called for Fernández de Kirchner to serve a 12-year prison sentence. The court is yet to rule on the request.

In 2016, Fernández de Kirchner was charged with corruption, illicit association, and aggravated fraudulent administration. She was also on trial for meddling with the sale of US dollars by the nation’s central bank.

Argentina has been roiled by demonstrations this summer, with thousands taking to the streets protesting the administration’s management of soaring inflation and corruption allegations.

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