Kidnapper caught with victim at McDonald’s drive-through

TAMPA, FL – A habitual offender in Florida is now facing charges of attempted murder and kidnapping. According to court testimonies, Joshua Grimes broke into a man’s home and launched a brutal attack that culminated in a bizarre trip to a McDonald’s drive-through.

The mishap began when Grimes took offense to his prospective partner’s rejection. The victim, whose identity is protected due to the sensitivity of the case, shared in court that he had met Grimes on a dating platform last October. However, when Grimes expressed interest in pursuing a committed relationship, the victim declined the proposition due to his career circumstances.

According to the victim’s testimony, a disgruntled Grimes decided to take a drastic step. On February 5, he reportedly broke into the victim’s residence at Lakeside Commons Drive in Tampa. The man recounted awakening to Grimes physically assaulting him, an ordeal that included being choked and knocked unconscious repeatedly.

The horrors continued as Grimes allegedly restrained the victim using ropes and shackles. In an unexpected twist to the frightening incident, prosecutors revealed that Grimes then forcibly transported the helpless man to a McDonald’s restaurant where he ordered food at the drive-through.

Seizing the moment, the victim began calling for help, causing Grimes to panic and retreat to a nearby dumpster. Grimes allegedly brandished a box cutter and threatened the victim’s life. However, the staff at McDonald’s had already alerted the police, and Grimes was arrested shortly after.

Given his grim track record, prosecutors urged the presiding judge, Catherine Catlin, to deny Grimes bond and remand him in custody until his trial. Concurring with the prosecution’s arguments, Judge Catlin deemed Grimes “a clear and present danger to this victim” and the community at large, hence ordering him to be held without bond.