Isreal ambassador to the UN says Hamas attack is their 9/11

ASHKELON, ISREAL – Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, has likened the recent Hamas attack on Israel to the 9/11 tragedy in the United States. Speaking on Fox News Live on Saturday, Erdan described the assault as “unprecedented” and condemned the Hamas militant group for their actions.

The attack, which started in the early hours of Saturday, coincided with the major Jewish holiday, Simchat Torah. Erdan, who resides in Ashkelon, a city near Gaza, criticized the Hamas militants, referring to them as “animals” for their role in the civilian deaths. He painted a grim picture of the situation, detailing how innocent civilians, including babies, women, and the elderly, were dragged from their homes and held hostage.

According to Israeli officials, the conflict has resulted in at least 250 deaths and approximately 1,500 injuries. However, Palestinian authorities have reported slightly lower numbers, with at least 232 fatalities and 1,700 injuries.

The Israeli army reported that at least 200 Israelis died in a surprise large-scale attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. In response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to reduce the group’s Gaza hideouts to “rubble”.

Erdan drew parallels between the current situation in Israel and the 9/11 tragedy in the United States. He explained that due to the smaller population of Israel, the proportion of casualties is equivalent to the lives lost on 9/11. He added, “This is our 9/11. We are committed to changing the equation to shatter the old paradigm. These animals will pay a heavy price and they will learn that these atrocities cannot be committed again against our civilians.”