Hiker instantly dies in cardiac case at Zion National Park

SPRINGDALE, UT – A 63-year-old hiker from San Diego, California, tragically lost his life due to cardiac arrest while on a trail in Zion National Park, according to park officials. The incident occurred near the park’s Scout Lookout on a recent Friday afternoon.

Upon receiving information about the unresponsive hiker, park rangers quickly responded, carrying essential medical equipment such as an automated external defibrillator (AED) and a heart monitor to the location. On their arrival, they found park visitors already administering CPR and other vital lifesaving measures.

Despite the immediate response and the collective effort of over 20 personnel, including paramedics and EMTs, the man’s life could not be saved. The park visitors who had medical training had been performing CPR and guiding others in assisting until the arrival of the park rangers.

After an hour and a half of continuous CPR, AED treatment, and heart monitoring, the unfortunate hiker was pronounced dead upon consultation with a doctor. The West Rim Trail of the park, where the incident occurred, was temporarily closed and reopened later the same day.

The National Park Service, in collaboration with Utah’s Office of the Medical Examiner and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, is currently investigating the incident. Zion National Park superintendent Jeff Bradybaugh expressed his deepest condolences to the deceased hiker’s family and extended gratitude to the park visitors who tried to save the man’s life.