Couple arrested for neglect after home with three children found in horrid condition

BUNNELL, FL – A couple in Florida were taken into custody on Tuesday following the discovery of three minors living in squalid conditions at their residence, according to law enforcement.

The Bunnell Police Department initially responded to a dispute between neighbors at the home of Michelle Sofia, 38, and her live-in partner, Willie London, 41. The couple were living with Sofia’s three children, ages 11, 12, and 17. Upon arrival, the officers’ focus shifted after witnessing the appalling conditions inside the house.

The police reported the interior of the house as “deplorable,” noting an accumulation of dirt, heaps of dirty clothes, layers of feces, and rat droppings scattered throughout the premises.

In addition to the filth, authorities discovered two malfunctioning refrigerators filled with moldy food and insects. A third, functional refrigerator contained only condiments. The kitchen counters and stove were piled high with dirty dishes, amidst which cockroaches were seen scuttling.

Several bedrooms lacked mattresses and, with no running water in the house, the bathroom toilet was filled with what appeared to be human feces swarming with flies. Despite these conditions, the house did have electricity.

Upon questioning, Sofia reportedly told investigators she didn’t think the conditions were “that bad.” The children have since been removed from the home and are now under the care of the Florida Department of Children and Family Services.

Both Sofia and London were arrested and charged with three counts of child neglect each. They are currently being held without bond at the Flagler County Inmate Facility.