Granny involved in murder plot captured leaving the country

MIAMI, FL – In a shocking turn of events, a 73-year-old grandmother, Donna Adelson, was apprehended at Miami International Airport, caught in the crosshairs of an alleged murder-for-hire plot against her former son-in-law. The arrest, captured on video, disrupted her and her husband’s plans to board a one-way flight to Vietnam.

The video footage reveals a surprised Adelson being escorted by law enforcement through the bustling airport and into a waiting patrol car. She voiced her confusion at the arrest, claiming ignorance of any existing warrant.

Adelson now faces grave charges, including first-degree murder and solicitation of murder. The authorities believe she conspired with her son and a few others to orchestrate the murder of her former son-in-law, Daniel Markel, a law professor at Florida State University who was killed in his driveway back in 2014.

The backdrop to this grim tale was a legal tussle between Markel and his ex-wife, Wendi Adelson, Donna’s daughter. Wendi Adelson sought to move her two sons to South Florida to be near her family, a move that Markel resisted. Prosecutors suggest that the Adelson family, frustrated by Markel’s refusal, decided to remove him from the equation.

The prosecution asserts that Donna Adelson was instrumental in the murder plot. Her son, Charlie, has already been found guilty of first-degree murder and is serving a life sentence.

In an intriguing twist, a jailhouse call between Donna and Charlie a week before her arrest reveals a discussion about countries without extradition agreements. Prosecutors interpret this as an attempt to flee the country, a claim that could potentially strengthen the case against her.

Despite the mounting evidence, Adelson’s lawyer maintains her innocence and is eager to prove it in court. Adelson is scheduled to make her court appearance on Monday.