Elderly couple murdered by their mentally ill son

BROOKLYN, NY – A 46-year-old man was charged Sunday night with the brutal murder of his 75-year-old parents in their Brooklyn home, according to authorities. Meyer Sperber now faces two counts of murder and two counts of criminal weapon possession after police found the bodies of his parents, Jacob and Rachel Sperber.

The couple was discovered in their Borough Park apartment on 45th Street near 12th Avenue on Saturday. The elderly couple, found covered in multiple stab wounds, were taken to Maimonides Medical Center where they were pronounced dead.

Post-murder, Sperber reportedly barricaded himself inside the apartment. After being removed, the suspect was bound to a stretcher and transported to an ambulance amidst the gaze of onlookers. He did not respond to any questions that were asked during his removal.

According to locals, Meyer was often described as “awkward”, “weird”, and appeared to struggle with “issues”, exhibiting episodes of depression and euphoria. “They did everything they could for him, and this is how he repaid them. It is disgusting. It is a terrible thing,” said one neighbor about the incident.

The victims, on the other hand, were regarded as “quiet” and “very nice”, earning the affection of their community. Jacob Sperber was remembered as a warm individual who opened his home to those in need, offering food and comfort.

Following the gruesome incident, a group of Hasidic men assembled outside the crime scene to guard it and requested privacy for the grieving family and community.