Florida police are investigating a man who dragged a dog behind his truck for half a mile before being forced to stop

Florida authorities are investigating a disturbing report of animal cruelty that was recently captured by a security camera. The footage shows a Gray Ford F150 STX, which was registered between 2009-2014, dragging a reddish brown colored dog along Lakeworth Boulevard and Durant Street for close to half a mile.

A group of neighbors raced after the truck and managed to stop it, with the driver then throwing the pooch in the back before heading off again.

The Charlotte County Public Safety Department has credit the public with connecting the bystanders’ observations to the truck, while also giving them credit as ‘super sleuths’.

Nonetheless, the identity of the driver has yet to be made aware to the public and their status in regards to this case is still uncertain. One neighborhood witness, Todd Tyler, had this to say to WINK News: “I cannot simply erase the image of the bloody paw prints that were left behind, this whole incident has been both shocking and traumatic for me.”

Charlotte County Animal Control Officer Colby Mazzoni also expressed her thoughts, stating: “This is a very cruel action, regardless of whether or not it was done on purpose.” Although the intentions of the suspect are unknown, the Charlotte County authority are treating this case as one of animal cruelty.