Employee arrested for killing kittens at Texas animal shelter

A shocking case of animal cruelty has emerged at an animal shelter in Weatherford, Texas. Gabriel Caswell, a 21-year-old employee, was arrested last month after surveillance footage captured him killing kittens at the Weatherford Animal Shelter. This arrest comes amidst an investigation into a recent surge in kitten deaths at the shelter since June. Initially believed to be disease-related, the deaths were found to have no signs of disease upon testing. As a result, the shelter implemented various measures to ensure the well-being of the animals. However, on July 14, 2023, a staff member witnessed Caswell mistreating a kitten, prompting the involvement of the police.

Upon reviewing the video footage, officers determined that Caswell had committed a crime. Subsequently, detectives launched an investigation and obtained a warrant for his arrest. Caswell was initially taken into custody for cruelty to animals but was later released from jail. Detectives continued their investigation by reviewing additional video footage. They subsequently obtained another warrant for Caswell’s arrest on July 28th. The following day, he was arrested once again. Authorities are currently reviewing more video footage to determine the extent of Caswell’s involvement in other possible incidents.

The City of Weatherford expressed deep concern over the mistreatment and killing of animals at the shelter. In a press release, they stated that the shelter staff and volunteers take immense pride in providing love and care to the animals. The city described the incident as unfathomable and expressed their heartbreak over the harm caused. The case remains under investigation, with the shelter collaborating closely with the Police Department to ensure justice is served for all of Caswell’s actions.

Animal welfare organizations and advocates have expressed outrage and called for stricter measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. The Weatherford Animal Shelter has taken immediate action to address the situation. They have implemented new policies, closely monitored missing or deceased animals, and reviewed the chemicals used in cleaning products. Additionally, they have installed more HVAC systems and ensured that proper cleaning procedures are followed for proper facility maintenance.