Eight-year-old boy killed while trying to protect mom from his violent dad

BURNSVILLE, MN – A Minnesota family is grappling with an unimaginable loss following the fatal shooting of an eight-year-old boy, Amir Harden. The tragic incident occurred last week when Harden was trying to protect his mother, Cherish Edwards, from the violent outburst of his father. His brave actions unfortunately cost him his life, succumbing to his injuries during the weekend.

Edward claims that Harden’s father intended to shoot her, but their young son was tragically caught in the crossfire. Edwards recalls her son’s attempts to struggle with a grown man for control of a gun and his refusal to abandon his mother despite her ordering him to flee.

Regrettably, in the aftermath of the shooting, Harden’s father reportedly turned the weapon upon himself while Edward’s four remaining children witnessed the horrific scene. Presently hospitalized, he is fighting for his life in critical condition. Edwards expressed fear for the psychological toll this tragedy will have on her surviving children.

The case is currently under investigation by Burnsville Police, with city spokespersons indicating the possibility of criminal charges against the father, pending his survival.

The family is grief-stricken, calling the incident a nightmare from which they can’t wake up. Harden’s incessant energy, athletic prowess, protective instincts, and his role as an unwavering source of support endeared him to his family, who were left to navigate their loss.

Mediating on the tragic circumstances of her son’s death, linked to her partner’s history of violence, Edwards issued a powerful message to all women in abusive situations, urging them to flee at the onset of violence. Edwards has set up an online fundraiser to help cover the costs of moving and other associated bills.