Drunk driver flips car then attempts to bite officer at scene of the crash

ARLINGTON, VA – A woman from Virginia is facing multiple charges after a series of events that began with a suspected DUI crash and ended with her allegedly biting a police officer and attempting to take his firearm.

The incident took place on Thursday evening when Malesha Bruner, 25, reportedly hit a parked vehicle on Washington Boulevard in Arlington and then sped off, colliding with a second car. The force of the second collision caused Bruner’s vehicle to overturn, police reports indicate.

Officers who arrived at the scene detained Bruner, suspecting her of driving under the influence. However, while in custody, Bruner is said to have become combative, allegedly biting an officer.

The situation escalated further when Bruner was taken to a hospital for a medical evaluation. According to authorities, she became aggressive and tried to grab the handle of an officer’s firearm before she was finally restrained.

Bruner now faces a slew of charges including assault on police, disarming a police officer, driving under the influence, hit and run, and driving without a license. She is currently being held without bond.

Despite the chaos, the occupants of the two vehicles that Bruner reportedly hit did not report any injuries, police said.