Deputy killed by distracted driver

HARRIS COUNTY, TX – A heartbreaking event took place earlier this week in Harris County, where Deputy Investigator John Coddou, a 20-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, lost his life. Coddou was responding to a minor traffic accident on Highway 99 when he was fatally struck by a Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

The Sheriff’s Office traffic report revealed that Coddou had positioned his patrol vehicle on the left shoulder of the highway, with the right side of his car partially obstructing a northbound lane. His vehicle’s emergency lights were in operation as he conducted his investigation.

In a twist of fate, a Silverado, driven by an unidentified male, approached the scene within minutes. The driver, engaged in a hands-free phone conversation, attempted an unsuccessful evasive maneuver to bypass Coddou’s vehicle, driving into the center grassy median.

This median was where Coddou was standing, leading to him being hit by the truck’s front right area, as detailed in the report.

Coddou was immediately airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital-Texas Medical Center, where he tragically passed away from his injuries. The loss deeply saddened Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, and a procession was held to honor the fallen officer on Thursday.

The investigation into the fatal collision is ongoing, conducted by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office’s Vehicular Crimes Division.