Drugs fall from the sky after fighter jet intercept

In a daring incident over the weekend, a pilot flying a small aircraft in a remote region of France was intercepted by a French fighter jet after he flew near a nuclear plant in restricted airspace.

French authorities were alerted to the presence of a single-seater tourist plane in the Ardèche region, near a nuclear plant. A Rafale jet, one of France’s most advanced fighters, was dispatched to investigate the situation. According to a military spokesperson, the pilot exhibited unusual behavior in the cockpit, leading to suspicions of illicit activities. Within minutes, the pilot was seen throwing packages out of the aircraft.

After landing at an airstrip in Lanas, Ardèche, the pilot, identified as a Polish national with a history of drug offenses, was promptly arrested. Investigators discovered 15 packages scattered on the ground, containing approximately 70 pounds of an unidentified “white powder.” The contents are currently being analyzed to determine their exact nature. Additionally, authorities found around 45,000 Euros (equivalent to $49,000) in the cockpit of the aircraft, which was registered in Poland.

The investigation into this incident will likely involve multiple agencies working together to uncover the full extent of the operation and identify any potential accomplices.