Dad shoots wife to death, brutally beats 3 kids

HOUSTON, TX – A horrifying case of domestic violence has unfolded in Houston’s South Union neighborhood, resulting in a man facing charges of murder and three counts of injury to a child. The man in question, 35-year-old Keith Marion Lee, was apprehended following an alarming attack at his home, located on the 5100 block of Enyart Street.

Officers from the Houston Police Department were initially called to the scene due to an assault report in the 5100 block of Cosby Street. Upon arrival, they discovered that Lee had reportedly been seen assaulting his children, an 11-year-old girl, and a 6-year-old boy, out in the street. Both children subsequently sought help from a neighbor.

The older child informed officers that their mother had been shot by their father, and provided them with the location of the incident. A neighbor shared a video recorded by a Ring doorbell showing the injured children requesting help. Notably, Lee could be seen on the roof of a nearby home in the same footage.

Upon reaching the given address, officers found a 3-year-old boy suffering severe injuries and a woman who was unresponsive due to apparent gunshot wounds. The 32-year-old woman, identified by relatives as Christina Abner, was declared deceased at the scene.

Court documents affirm that the injuries sustained by the children include a skull fracture, brain hemorrhage, and a collapsed lung. They were then transported to a nearby hospital by paramedics.

Upon discharge from a local hospital where he was being treated for a medical issue, Lee will be taken into custody at Harris County Jail, say officials.