Congresswoman fights attacker using a hot cup of coffee

Rep. Angie Craig, a Democratic congresswoman from Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, was reportedly bruised in an altercation that occurred in the elevator of her D.C. apartment building on Thursday.

The attacker was swiftly taken into custody and charged with simple assault. According to the police report, the assailant appeared to be under the influence of a substance and entered the elevator after Craig.

After randomly performing pushups, the man punched Craig and grabbed her neck, but the congresswoman fought back by throwing hot coffee on him. The attacker was located and arrested several hours later.

Craig’s chief of staff assured the public that the congresswoman was physically okay and that the incident did not seem to be politically motivated. Nevertheless, the case is one of many incidents of violence against elected officials and their families, raising concerns about the safety of serving in office.

Capitol Police recorded 7,501 threats against members of Congress in 2022, although this is a slight decrease from previous years. Despite the decrease, Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger stated that the number was still “too high.”

Capitol Police has increased protective measures for members of Congress, but details are kept confidential for security purposes.