Boy Saves Dad with CPR Learned from Childhood Classic Movie, “The Sandlot”

Boy Learns CPR from the movie “The Sandlot” and Saves Dad’s Life

Three young boys performed lifesaving CPR on their father after he began drowning in their backyard pool.

Brad Hassig was doing breathing exercises underwater in the family’s pool when he suddenly lost consciousness. He told the host of the Today Show, Hoda Kotb, that the last thing he remembered was saying the Lord’s Prayer while doing meditated breathing underwater.

Christian noticed his father was lying on his side and turning blue, so he and his brothers jumped into the pool and started CPR on him.

Hassig’s twin sons realized their dad’s phone was locked, they didn’t have phones of their own, and their mom wasn’t home, so Christian Hassig sprinted to a neighbor’s house, who was not home; and then stopped a car driving by and asked them to call 911.  Brad Hassig’s son, Bridon Hassig and Sam Ebert, a neighbor kid, performed CPR on Bridon’s dad, who recovered. One pumped Brad Hassig’s chest while the other listened for the heartbeat.

After the family was told that Hassig would recover fully, the twins burst into tears, and their friend Sam embraced them. As a reward, Hassig stated that the boys would get iPhones for their bravery, quick thinking, and use in an emergency.

In an interview with Brad Hassig describing the course of events, he stated, “I went from peace to being slammed on the deck of the pool, and then just chaos. Everyone was everywhere–first responders, I could hear ‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! Come back!’ ‘Daddy–You have to be OK!'” (See the full interview linked below.)

The boys credited the movies “The Sandlot” and “Hook” for teaching them the life-saving skill of CPR, which they utilized in saving their father.

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