A 28-Year-Old Went In For A Routine Chiropractor Visit Ends Up Paralyzed

Georgia college graduate left paralyzed after routine chiropractor visit for neck pain goes wrong.

A recent college graduate in Georgia was left paralyzed after a routine chiropractor visit. She had four dissected arteries in her neck, which caused her to go into cardiac arrest and suffer a stroke.

Caitlin Jensen suffered a traumatic brain injury after a chiropractor adjusted her neck. Jensen remains hospitalized in critical condition in Memorial Hospital in Savannah, Georgia, after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

She is currently conscious and able to respond to verbal commands by blinking her eyes and wiggling the toes of her left foot. The rest of her body sits in a state of paralysis due to the injury.

As with any adjustment or operation is done on the body, some risks must be well understood before you partake.

Chiropractic treatments, especially around the neck and spine, should only be done in medically necessary and supervised conditions as nerves that connect your limbic function to your brain and arteries for blood flow are carried throughout them.

Her family has raised $56,676 of its $100,000 goal to help her get into therapy.

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