Iranian Government Levels Threat at U.S. Soldiers Following Biden Israel Visit

The Iranian military warned the United States and Israel on Friday against threatening Iran with force, Iranian media reported, after U.S. President Joe Biden said he would use force as a last resort to prevent Tehran from getting a nuclear weapon.

“The Americans and Zionists know very well the price for using the word ‘force against Iran,'” Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi, spokesman for the Iranian armed forces, was quoted as saying by state media.

“Biden must have been drowsy when he threatened Iran,” he said, adding, “Watch your soldiers’ pants – they might get wet in the Persian Gulf!”

On Thursday, during a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Lapid and President Biden, the president suggested that if the talks with Iran do not come to a close soon the U.S. may resort to force as a last resort.

Iran is heavily aligned with Russia, which is clearly at odds with the United States over Ukraine. It was reported last week that Iran would provide Russia with at least 700 military-equipped drones to use in their war against Ukraine.

Tehran struck a deal with six major powers in 2015 under which it limited its uranium enrichment program to make it harder to develop a nuclear weapon in return for relief from international sanctions and a boat load of money from the United States taxpayers.

U.S. President Donald Trump canceled the deal in 2018 and implemented sanctions on Iran. Then President Trump said the agreement had a 10-year ban on Uranium Enrichment which did not go far enough to ensure that Iran never developed a nuclear weapon against Israel—prompting Tehran to start violating the agreement’s atomic limits about a year later.

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