Woman’s remains found inside alligator’s mouth

CLEAR LAKE, TX – A shocking discovery was made early Tuesday as the physical remains of a woman were retrieved from the clutches of an alligator in the greater Houston area. The gruesome scene unfolded along the banks of Horsepen Bayou, close to El Dorado and Park Estates.

Local law enforcement stumbled upon the remains during a search operation for a reported missing woman. An arriving officer, in an effort to disallow further damage to the remains, shot the alligator fatally. The incident showcased a substantial law enforcement response at the location.

Commenting on the incident was Maggie Berger, spokesperson for the Law Enforcement Division with Texas Parks and Wildlife. She confirmed the involvement of Texas Game Wardens to aid the Houston Police Department (HPD) in the recovery of the remains near the alligator site.

The leading agency heading the investigation will be HPD, and as the cause behind the woman’s tragic ending remains unclear, an autopsy will be conducted.

In the wake of the incident, residents have begun expressing concern. Historically, fatal alligator attacks have been a rare occurrence in the state, with the most recent one in Orange, 2015, when a 28-year-old man lost his life while swimming in Adams Bayou. That marked the first deadly attack in nearly a century.