Woman stabs her guests for criticizing her home cleanliness

LINCOLN, NE – A domestic dispute in Nebraska took a violent turn when a woman allegedly attacked her friends following a critique of her home’s cleanliness. The incident took place in the presence of four children, two of whom were the homeowner’s.

The Lincoln Police Department responded to an emergency call shortly past midnight on Sunday. Upon arrival, officers were met by two witnesses who claimed they were assaulted by 24-year-old Tatiana Iniguez after commenting on the state of her home. The witnesses, who also had two children with them, were concerned about the living conditions given the presence of the young ones.

Iniguez reportedly reacted violently to the comments. She is said to have choked one of the women and punched the other in the head when she tried to intervene. The situation escalated further when Iniguez allegedly grabbed a knife and attacked one of the victims, causing a one and a half inch laceration below her right eye and defensive wounds on her hands.

The police report noted that Iniguez’s home was in an unsanitary condition, with a significant amount of dog feces in the basement and dead mice.

Iniguez was subsequently arrested and charged with second-degree assault and possession of a deadly weapon while committing a felony. She is expected to appear in court on March 14th.