Woman shot and killed while making a TikTok video

JACKSONVILLE, FL – A 20-year-old woman is facing charges of manslaughter nearly five months after a tragic incident that claimed the life of a 19-year-old girl. Mariah Clayton was arrested on October 6 in connection with the shooting death of Aniyah Womack, a case that sent shockwaves through the Jacksonville community.

The incident occurred on May 24, when officers responded to Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville following reports of a gunshot victim. Aniyah Womack had been rushed to the hospital with a single gunshot wound to her abdomen. Tragically, despite medical efforts, Womack succumbed to her injuries, leaving investigators with many unanswered questions.

Initially, Clayton, who was both the driver and one of the passengers in the car, and another individual claimed they had come to Womack’s aid when they saw her injured on a sidewalk. They asserted they had picked her up and rushed her to the hospital. However, the narrative changed as the investigation unfolded.

Subsequently, the driver and Clayton revealed that the shooting had taken place at an apartment complex. According to their revised accounts, they had gone to the apartment for a transaction related to marijuana. It was then that the residents allegedly informed them that Womack had accidentally shot herself and needed immediate medical attention. The driver, though reluctant, agreed to transport her to the hospital.

The police investigation delved further into Clayton’s involvement. She admitted that she, Womack, and another individual had been inside a bathroom, filming TikTok videos while handling a rifle. Disturbingly, even after being warned not to play with the weapon, Clayton continued to mishandle it. At that moment, a man in the apartment reportedly cautioned them against such behavior.

Tragedy struck when the rifle accidentally discharged in Clayton’s hands, fatally striking Womack. The consequences of their actions were undeniable, leading to Clayton’s arrest on a charge of manslaughter. She now faces legal proceedings with a bond set at $250,000.