Woman saved from carjackers after armed friend returns fire

CHICAGO, IL – A harrowing incident of an attempted armed carjacking in Chicago ended in a miraculous escape for a woman and her coworker. The 40-year-old woman, Jaquita Sims, and her 65-year-old coworker, who prefers to remain unnamed, survived the ordeal thanks to the latter’s legally owned firearm.

The incident unfolded when Sims’ car suffered a flat tire en route to O’Hare International Airport. Her coworker, driving his Toyota Corolla, came to her rescue on Chicago‚Äôs West Side. Their journey was abruptly interrupted by four armed men in a silver SUV, who demanded they exit their vehicle at gunpoint around 4:40 a.m.

The coworker, who was legally armed, retaliated, firing his five bullets to protect himself and Sims. Amid the exchange of gunfire, Sims was hit once, while her coworker was grazed by a bullet on his thigh. The assailants fled the scene, allowing the injured duo to drive themselves to a local hospital.

Janice Sims, Jaquita’s mother, expressed her relief and gratitude for her daughter’s survival. “Angels covered her. God covered my daughter. Thank you, Lord,” she said.

The police confirmed that the coworker held a concealed carry license and a valid firearm owner’s identification card. Both Sims and her coworker have since been released from the hospital, recuperating from their injuries.

The incident has stirred emotions within the community. Sims’ pastor, Terrell Stevens, voiced his concern over the increasing gun violence in the city. “This is somebody’s daughter. You’re not just shooting at random targets,” he said.

The Chicago police are continuing their investigation into the shooting, with no updates on the case so far. Despite a decline in homicides and shootings in 2023 compared to the previous year, the city has witnessed a significant increase in robberies and car thefts, according to police data.