Woman And Child Killed In Fire Started By An Electric Scooter

Fire Sparked by Electric Scooter Battery Kills Woman and Child in Harlem – The New York Times

A fire broke out in a sixth-floor apartment in the Jackie Robinson Houses on East 129th Street, killing a young girl, an adult woman, and three dogs. Investigators believe that an e-bike parked near the door was the source of the blaze.

Erika Williams, 5, was in a deadly fire. The young girl was killed in a battery-powered E-bike fire in East Harlem on Wednesday. Her father, Eric Williams, remains in critical condition due to severe burns that he sustained in the fire. His girlfriend, Chanise Anderson, was also killed.

The grieving mother of Ericka said that she still can’t believe her baby is gone. The young girl was anticipating starting first grade next month.

The New York City Fire Department is warning e-bike owners to stop using an overheating battery and follow the manufacture’s instructions for charging and storing.

New York City has seen more than 100 e-bike fires this year, and the cause is usually due to damaged or faulty batteries.

NYCHA is considering banning e-bikes in apartments due to the fire risk of lithium batteries. A public comment period will be held early next month.

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