Wild Video Shows Train Smash Police Car With Detained Suspect Inside

In a dramatic police video, a freight train strikes a police patrol vehicle with a handcuffed 20-year-old woman in the back seat. Fort Lupton Police Department provided 8 minutes of edited video from the incident to CBS Colorado.

Dillon Thomas tweeted an edited excerpt of the video, in which police talk to the woman, the train hits the vehicle, and police rush to the broken down car for immediate medical aid.

In the crash, Yareni Rios-Gonzalez, of Greeley, sustained serious injuries. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is investigating the accident. She is expected to survive.

On Friday evening, multiple law enforcement agencies responded to a report of a firearm-related road rage incident in Fort Lupton. The Platteville police officer parked his patrol vehicle on the crossing just past Rios-Gonzalez’s car.

During the search of her car, officers placed her in the back of a police vehicle, which was hit by a train.

A statement from the Fort Lupton Police Department said officers cleared the suspect vehicle to determine if there was anyone else inside. After the female detainee was placed in the police vehicle that police vehicle was struck by a northbound train, Fort Lupton officers summoned medical help and began life-sustaining measures.

A Platteville Police Department officer was placed on paid administrative leave, according to the Denver Post. In an email to the newspaper, Police Chief Carl Dwyer did not disclose the name of the officer or answer any other questions about the traffic stop.

While the Colorado State Patrol investigates the crash, the Fort Lupton Police Department investigates the road rage report. An investigation is being conducted by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation into the woman’s injuries while in police custody.

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