News Anchor Found Dead After Being Killed In Attempted Murder-Suicide

Michigan news anchor Jim Matthews killed in attempted murder-suicide – New York Post

A 54-year-old man entered a home near Jefferson Avenue and Hooker Road and stabbed a woman, her children, and their father, Jim Matthews.

The 57-year-old news anchor was found dead inside of a home in Bayview. A 35-year-old woman was found leaving the home cradling her five-year-old. She left after having been stabbed, and she was covered in blood.

The unidentified attacker was resuscitated by officials with the prescription narcotic Narcan, and faces a litany of charges for the assault, for which cops have yet to glean a motive.

The suspect was frequently at the home, police are still trying to understand how the suspect knew the people inside.

Authorities were called to Hidden Harbor Condominiums after a woman escaped the home with her 5-year-old daughter. They found her 10-year-old son tied up in a closet with injuries.

The couple’s ten year old boy is in critical condition, the 54 year old suspect is in stable condition, and their 35 year old female is in critical but stable condition. Their five year old daughter is also stable.

WWJ reported Friday evening that 57-year-old Jim Matthews was found dead. He was described as a man who loved his two children and his job.

During their segment Friday night, Jackie Paige and Tony Ortiz referred to Matthews as a “consummate professional” and said he would “definitely be missed.”

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