Two women found murdered in the same area just days apart

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Indianapolis Metropolitan Police are intensifying their investigation into the almost-simultaneous homicides of two women. The victims were discovered in a similar fashion near each other within a span of days. Despite the striking resemblances, authorities have not been able to establish a connection between the two incidents.

Interim Police Chief Christopher Bailey, during a press briefing held on Friday, pointed out some shared characteristics in the two cases, although he refrained from insinuating any connection at this juncture. He urged citizens to share any information that could aid in advancing the investigations.

Shannon Lassere, the first victim, was located on Saturday, Jan. 27, on Indianapolis’ far east side. Five days later, Marianne Weis was found approximately 150 yards away from where Lassere was discovered.

According to Capt. Roger Spurgeon, both Lassere and Weis were white females in their 50s with strong ties to the far east side. They also met a similar fatal end, the details of which police are keeping under wraps to maintain the investigation’s integrity.

Police are collaborating with the Indianapolis Marion County Forensic Service Agency to examine potential forensic evidence from the crime scenes. Additionally, they are appealing to local residents to review their personal recording devices for any suspicious activity.

Over the next few days, law enforcement plans to canvass the neighborhood and boost patrols in the area. Bailey urged residents to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity. He also expressed condolences to the victims’ families during this testing time.