Pedestrian dies after being hit by two different cars

NEW YORK CITY, NY – A casual stroll in The Bronx turned tragic when a man was hit twice by two different cars, leading to his death. Wilbert de Jesus Cordero, aged 22, was crossing a street in the Parkchester neighborhood in the early hours of Sunday when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Officers relayed that a southbound Mercedes Benz on White Plains Road first hit Cordero, sending him flailing into the road’s northbound lane. Here, he was run over by a BMW, whose driver initially fled the scene but eventually returned.

Adam Vilajeti, the 25-year-old BMW driver from Scarsdale, was taken into police custody. He has received criminal charges for leaving the scene of a car accident. Additionally, he was also charged for driving while intoxicated. The first driver who had hit Cordero stayed at the scene of the deadly incident and cooperated fully with the police.

According to the NYPD’s Collision Investigation Squad’s initial report, Cordero had been crossing the street mid-block when he was hit. He was promptly transported to Jacobi Hospital but did not survive.

Coldero’s employer, Martin Aponte, stated that Cordero had recently immigrated to the Bronx from the Dominican Republic and had begun working at Aponte’s store.