Two people found dead inside of a warehouse

In Los Angeles, police discovered the bodies of a man and a woman under unexplained circumstances in an unoccupied warehouse.

The disturbing discovery was made when the LAPD received an emergency call shortly after midnight. The caller, who remains unidentified, alerted them about the lifeless bodies found inside the deserted warehouse.

The location formerly housed a home design and decoration business. Officials have reported that the site is now a makeshift shelter for itinerant individuals in the vicinity.

LAPD officers found the two bodies amidst items suggestive of drug use. The presence of further evidence that raised questions about the nature of the deaths prompted the involvement of homicide detectives.

The LAPD awaits a forensic investigator who is en route to the scene, their role pivotal in unravelling the mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths. This development stresses the seriousness of the situation and the law enforcement’s commitment to conducting a comprehensive investigation.