Two people allegedly held 18-year-old captive for almost a month

Two individuals from Harris County, Texas, are facing kidnapping charges after an 18-year-old woman, who alleges she was held captive for around a month, managed to escape and alert the police. The constable for Harris County’s Precinct 4, Mark Herman, disclosed that deputies were informed about a woman in distress on Foxmont Lane on July 16.

Upon reaching the scene, the deputies interacted with the 18-year-old woman who claimed she had been forcibly held in a nearby house for about a month before she managed to break free. An investigation into her claims led to the arrest of Jose Reyes and Jacueline Macias, who were subsequently charged with kidnapping and incarcerated in the Harris County Jail.

Herman revealed that preliminary investigations suggested that the victim was persuaded to visit the house by a man she had met. Once there, she found another woman present. Herman explained that the situation rapidly deteriorated, with the victim being held captive, tied up, and confined to a room for approximately a month. The exact duration of her confinement is yet to be confirmed.

Herman further accused Reyes and Macias of committing a “very, very evil thing,” implying that they sexually assaulted the victim after she was restrained. The victim managed to free herself from her bindings and seek help from a neighbor when she realized that Reyes and Macias had left the house one Sunday.

Deputies reportedly noticed marks on the victim’s hands and legs, suggesting she had been restrained. The victim received on-site treatment from emergency crews before being taken to a nearby hospital for further evaluation. Reyes and Macias were immediately arrested and charged with kidnapping upon their return to the house. Herman stated that more charges could be levied, but this would be determined after further discussions with the victim post her forensic examination.