Two dead after shooting at 7-Eleven

BALTIMORE, MD – A grim scene unfolded on Wednesday night in Northeast Baltimore, where a double shooting claimed two lives outside a local 7-Eleven. The identities of the victims remain undisclosed, and no suspects have been identified by the police.

The incident occurred just shy of 10 p.m. on the 4400 block of Bel Air Road. Responding officers found two men critically injured from gunshot wounds. Both victims were transported to the hospital, where one man died later that night. The second victim’s death was confirmed the following morning.

Evidence of the violent encounter was visible in the bullet-riddled white Dodge Charger sedan nearby and the scattered clothing and debris near the store’s entrance. The shooting happened despite the presence of police surveillance cameras and lights in the parking lot.

A local resident, known only as Vernon, voiced his concerns about the rising violence in the city. “People are losing their life left and right in this city,” he said, recalling a time when conflicts ended in fistfights, not gunfire. He also acknowledged losing family members to the city’s violence.

However, Baltimore City has seen a decrease in violent crimes this year. Homicides have fallen by 22 percent, from 27 to 21, compared to the same period last year. Non-fatal shootings have also seen a 17 percent decrease, from 47 to 39. The city is set to extend its Group Violence Reduction Strategy to central and east Baltimore, with the goal of providing over 130 individuals with intensive services to steer them away from crime.