More than 54 were confirmed killed, and 63 missing in mudslide

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – A catastrophic landslide has swept through the gold-mining village of Masara in the southern Philippines province of Davao de Oro, leaving 54 dead and 63 missing, as reported by local authorities this Sunday. The calamity struck after weeks of relentless downpours.

The landslide, which occurred late Tuesday night, has impacted the lives of many, including miners and local residents. According to a social media post from the Davao de Oro provincial government, 54 fatalities have been confirmed, with 32 survivors suffering injuries. Among the missing are miners who were preparing to leave their shift when the landslide hit.

The ongoing rescue mission is fraught with challenges, including poor weather and the looming threat of more landslides. In response to the crisis, over 1,100 families have been relocated to safer grounds in evacuation centers, as per disaster response officials.

The area had been deluged by persistent heavy rains in the weeks leading up to the landslide. Recent earthquakes have also contributed to the region’s woes, causing damage to residential and commercial buildings.