Mom puts her baby into hot oven

KANSAS CITY, MO – A shocking incident in Kansas City, Missouri, has left a one-month-old infant dead, allegedly due to being placed in an oven by her mother. The mother, Mariah Thomas, 26, has been charged with child endangerment in connection with the incident.

An emergency call regarding a non-responsive child led police to Thomas’s residence. They arrived to find the infant, Za’Riah Mae, dead from multiple burn wounds. Her clothing was reportedly melted onto her diaper due to the severity of the burns.

A friend of Thomas expressed immense grief over the event to, also discussing the possibility that Thomas’s mental health might have played a factor in the tragic incident. She described the accused as having a child-like mindset despite her age.

Za’Riah’s grandfather reportedly rushed home after a call from Thomas expressing that there was a situation with the baby. Upon arrival, he detected a smoke odor in the house and found Za’Riah in her crib, where he was informed by Thomas that she had accidentally put the infant in the oven.

Police reports indicate that when Za’Riah was found, she was in a car seat within the home and displayed evident signs of thermal injuries across her body. Diapers appearing to be melted onto her burnt bodysuit and a charred baby blanket were also discovered.

While Thomas opted for the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent during the police interview, she granted consent for the extraction of her blood and access to her phone data. Her social media portrayed the lifestyle of a loving mother, making the horrifying incident more perplexing.

Thomas remains in custody at the Jackson County Detention Center as investigations continue.