Two British Soldiers And One Moroccan Sentenced To Die After Being Captured In Donetsk

Putin compares self to the monarch, foreign fighters face death – The Associated Press

Two British citizens and a Moroccan were sentenced to death for fighting on Ukraine’s side, while the Kremlin’s forces continued a grinding war of attrition in the east.

Three foreign fighters were convicted of seeking the violent overthrow of power, mercenary activities, and terrorism in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic in Ukraine. They will face a firing squad.

British Foreign Secretary Luz Truss criticized the sentencing of three soldiers who had fought alongside Ukrainian troops in eastern Ukraine. The three men were captured by pro-Russian forces and are awaiting trial.

Putin drew parallels between Peter the Great’s founding of St. Petersburg and modern-day Russia’s ambitions, saying it is impossible to build a fence around a country like Russia.

An estimated 20,000 foreign nationals are fighting with Ukrainian forces against Russia. Including at least 5,000 Russian and Belarusian-born men who disagree with their government’s action against Ukraine.

Today marks the 106th day since the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and the situation appears to be at an impasse.

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