Twin 4-year-olds found dead inside their toy chest

JACKSONVILLE, FL- In a heartbreaking incident, a pair of 4-year-old twins from Florida tragically suffocated after falling asleep in their wooden toy chest. The mother of the twins, Sadie Myers, confirmed the devastating news in a poignant Facebook post this week.

Myers expressed her grief and disbelief over the loss of her two children, Aurora and Kellan, in such an unexpected manner. She shared her struggle to comprehend the tragedy of losing the young kids in such an unexpected manner.

The incident occurred on a Friday night when Myers was at work. Her husband, Don Starr, had put the twins and their two older brothers to bed. The couple had arranged their work schedules to ensure one of them was always home with the children, according to Deanna Myers, Sadie’s sister.

The twins, who shared a close bond, often woke up at unusual hours to play together. Myers recounted how she would often find them asleep in different spots around their shared room, surrounded by toys. On that fateful Friday night, the twins chose their cedar toy chest, filled with stuffed animals, as their sleeping spot.

The twins had emptied most of the stuffed animals from the chest, leaving a few for comfort. Myers imagined that they had fallen asleep, arms draped over each other, bidding each other goodnight as they usually did. However, during their sleep, one of them must have moved, causing the lid of the old wooden chest to close.

Upon waking up the next morning, Myers felt a wave of panic when she noticed the twins were not in their bed and were nowhere to be seen. The family searched the house frantically, calling out for the children. The search ended when one of their older brothers found them in the chest, assuming they were still asleep.

Myers, however, immediately sensed that something was terribly wrong. Despite her hopes, she quickly realized it was too late. The Jacksonville sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene, but their attempts to revive the twins were unsuccessful.

In an effort to respect the family’s privacy, the sheriff’s department has not disclosed many details about the tragic incident.