Train crash with box car injures more than 90 people

BUENOS AIRES, AR – A startling incident unfolded in Argentina’s capital on Friday when a passenger train collided with an empty boxcar, leading to a derailment and injuring at least 90 people. The unusual accident has raised fresh questions about the country’s rail safety standards.

The passenger train was making its journey from Buenos Aires to the northern suburbs when it veered off the tracks on a bridge located in the fashionable Palermo neighborhood around 10:30 a.m. The presence of the empty boxcar on the tracks is currently under investigation.

Jorge Macri, the Mayor of Buenos Aires, lauded the rapid evacuation of victims at the crash site, but acknowledged that the details surrounding the accident were still murky. “We’re still piecing together how this happened,” he said.

First responders were on the scene promptly, treating many of the injured passengers immediately. Of the injured, 30 were transported to hospitals with injuries ranging from moderate to severe, with two airlifted due to chest trauma and broken bones. Alberto Crescenti, the city’s emergency service director, reported that 90 individuals were extricated from the train’s wreckage, some lowered by rope from the highway overpass.

Eyewitnesses recounted a terrifying scene as the stationary train suddenly started moving and violently crashed into the other train, causing sparks, smoke, and a violent derailment.

In the aftermath of the incident, Trenes Argentinos, the Argentine rail authority, suspended service on the line and appealed to residents to steer clear of the crash site to facilitate emergency response efforts.

The incident has cast a spotlight on Argentina’s rail safety, harking back to a series of deadly train crashes from 2012 to 2014 that claimed over 50 lives and injured hundreds. These accidents exposed a vulnerable railway system plagued by outdated infrastructure, delays, and human error, prompting the government to invest in new safety and braking systems.