Tim Pool’s Home Targeted, Requires Bomb Squad to Intervene

(InformingNews.com) – YouTuber Tim Pool has been the victim of several incidents of swatting. Swatting is when someone calls a fake incident into law enforcement to get a SWAT team to show up at a location. Pool has been the victim of multiple instances while broadcasting “TimcastIRL” live, but the most recent event took the harassment to a new level by bringing in a bomb squad.

On March 15, Pool posted a short tweet, “Bomb squad at our studio.” The podcaster explained on his show that the situation was basically another swatting incident. Still, he expressed real concerns about an explosion potentially going off and being able to feel it in his studio as he recorded. He told listeners that he couldn’t divulge details but wanted to have a record of the situation in case of future threats.


The YouTube star has had false reports about his studio six times recently, increasing security concerns at the location. Swatting can be incredibly dangerous as law enforcement takes all calls seriously and responds as they would in legitimate events. There is the potential for someone to end up dead, and Pool has said he doesn’t understand what he’s done to be a continuous victim of such schemes.

Pool is a political podcaster who’s known for his right-leaning viewpoints. He’s been somewhat controversial when speaking about 2020 election voting fraud, criticizing vaccine mandates, and supporting President Donald Trump. He has over three million subscribers on YouTube.

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