Russian Model Who Trashed Putin Found Dead in Suitcase

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin might be an evil man who doesn’t take kindly to anyone saying bad things about him, but he is innocent of at least one nefarious deed. People thought the disappearance of Russian model Gretta Vedler was at the hands of the president because she called him a psychopath. Recent developments have dispelled the conspiracy theories and determined there is no connection.

Upon the discovery of Vedler’s body in a suitcase, some people reflected on her rant on social media about Putin in January 2021. She was outspoken and honest about her feelings that the tyrannical leader silenced his people. Many wondered if the Russian president could have been responsible for her death, but then reports came out that her ex-boyfriend was the culprit.

Dmitry Korovin admitted to law enforcement that he strangled the model to death. He put her body into a suitcase and stayed at a hotel for three nights before driving 300 miles to leave it inside the trunk of a car. Korovin also said he continued posting to Vedler’s social media accounts over the next year to make it seem as if she were alive.

According to authorities, there is no connection between her Putin rant and her death. It was merely a coincidence. Korovin explained he killed her after an argument about money.

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